Matthew DiGiuseppe

Published Articles:

Age and Support for Public Debt Reduction (with Kathleen Brown, Alessia Aspidie, and Alexander Slaski) European Journal of Political Research (forthcoming)

Culture and European Attitudes on Public Debt (with Kathleen Brown, Alessia Aspidie, and Alexander Slaski) New Political Economy

The Wedding Bells of war: The Influence of Armed Conflict on Child Marriages in West Africa (with Roos van der Haer) Journal of Peace Research

Do Consumers Follow the Flag? Perceptions of Hostility and Consumer Preferences (with Colin M. Barry) International Interactions 

Formal Alliances, Informal Signals & Military Effort (with Patrick Shea) European
Journal of International Relations 

U.S. Patronage, State Capacity, and Civil Conflict (with Patrick Shea)  Journal of Politics 

The Devil's Haircut: Investor-State Disputes over Debt Restructuring (with Patrick Shea) Journal of Conflict Resolution 

Economics, Security, and Individual-Level Preferences for Trade Agreements (with Katja B. Kleinberg) International Interactions 

Transparency, Risk & FDI. (with Colin M. Barry)  

Political Research Quarterly 

International Development NGOs and Bureaucratic Capacity: Facilitator or Destroyer? (with Susanna Campbell and Amanda Murdie)

Political Research Quarterly 

Divided Government, Sovereign Finance, and Government Survival in Democracies (with Patrick Shea)

Business & Politics

Arms versus Democratic Allies (with Paul Poast
The British Journal of Political Science 

Borrowed Time: Sovereign Finance, Regime Type and Leader Survival (with Patrick Shea)

Economics & Politics

Guns, Butter and Debt: Sovereign Creditworthiness and Military Expenditure, 1981-2007.

Journal of Peace Research  

The Physical Consequences of Fiscal Flexibility: Sovereign Credit and Physical Integrity Rights. (with K. Chad Clay)

The British Journal of Political Science

Sovereign Credit and the Fate of Leaders: Reassessing the Democratic Advantage. (with Patrick Shea)

International Studies Quarterly 

The Fiscal Autonomy of Deciders: Creditworthiness and Conflict Initiation.

Foreign Policy Analysis 

Tightening the Belt: Austerity and Alliance Formation. (with Michael A. Allen)

International Studies Quarterly

Good for the Money? International Finance, State Capacity and Internal Armed Conflict.  (with Colin Barry and Richard Frank)

Journal of Peace Research